In English

Retikka ry is a student organization for clinical nutrition students at the University of Eastern Finland. Since 1984, Retikka has united the nutrition students at the University of Eastern Finland, cared for the rights and well-being of its members, and improved students’ contacts with working life.

Retikka organizes events, such as International cooking evenings, which are great opportunities to get to know Finnish nutrition students and more of Finland’s culture. At the International cooking evenings, the Finnish and the international students prepare traditional Finnish dishes together, get to know each other and our food culture while cooking and enjoying tasty food. These events are great especially for the exchange students, who want to get to know Finnish students.

Another great way to meet other nutrition students is in Retikka’s own “living room” in Canthia! You’re more than welcome to come there if you’re in the mood for a chat, a coffee or just a chill out in a comfortable environment. The room is located on the first floor of Canthia. If you have troubles finding it, you can contact our international coordinator at all times!

The international coordinator of Retikka in 2022 is Anna Tuukkanen (anna.tuukkanen(at) If you want to hear more about Retikka or have any questions, she will be happy to help you!